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(Requires Base, Plans & Elevations Core Package)

Supported by dialog boxes, pull-down menus and slides, these modules guide you through the detailing process with a minimum of typing.

Beam to beam and beam to column connections can be saved and later recalled while detailing filler beams or columns. This reduces the amount of user input and greatly reduces the possibility of errors in connection matching. Sloping beams will be drawn in position and may be sloping and skewed. Internal connections may be vertical or square with the flange of a sloping beam.

Columns can be detailed directly from connections saved while detailing beams, saving considerable time and ensuring correct connection matching or they may be detailed from scratch. Any connections that are available when detailing the column can also be added to an existing column in case of revisions. Base plate information may also be recalled from anchor bolt plans when detailing columns, eliminating the need to enter information more than once.

Drawing output is highly customizable to enable you to match existing drawing standards. Review sample drawings (png format) and significant features below.

Beams and Columns - Module Features
Sample Drawings :          Beam Sheet         Column Sheet
Beam Detailing Features

  • Beam and all sub pieces automatically shop billed for you.
  • Beam to beam connection matching saves time and reduces errors by reusing existing design data.
  • Add connections after beam is detailed.   End connections include:
        One or two columns of holes
        Clips: Shop welded, field welded and bolted connections available
        Bent plates: Shop welded, field welded and bolted combinations
        Holes and Clips on top and bottom flanges
        Splice plates - Shop welded, field welded and bolted

  • Multiple internal connections possible at one location.   Internal connections include:
        Holes in top and bottom flange
        Holes in web
        Clips: welded or bolted
        Stiffener plates
        Skewed and wing plates
        Split Tees: welded or bolted

  • Hip and valley connection options for end connections
  • Skewed end connections with:
        End plate
        Bent plate
        Bent clips
        Top view automatically drawn

  • Use ASD or LRDF methodology in designing end connections based on available design data:
        Enter end reaction
        Calculate end reaction
        Use maximum rows.

  • Automatic calculations for:
        # of Rows of bolts for end connections
        Length and depth of blocks at top and bottom flange
        Flange width cuts for clearance in column web connection
        Minus dimensions
        Center to center of holes in clip or end plate
        Tail dimensions
        Overall Length, Cut length and Slope Length on Sloping Beams

    User/Shop Configuration Options:

  • Customize bolted and welded clip marks to match fabricator standards.
  • Carry sub marks through.
  • Tail to clip or end-of-beam.
  • Tail every hole or the first hole in a group.
  • Vary the distance from the clip to the end-of-beam.
  • Out to out can be from clip to clip or from clip to end-of-beam.
  • Blocks dimensiond from clip or from end-of-beam.
  • Extensive control of placement and layout of dimensions.

Column Detailing Features
  • Column and all sub pieces automatically shop billed for you.
  • Detail wide flange, pipe or tube.
  • Detail from connections saved by beam program or manually.
  • Eleven different connections to choose from:
        Clip Angle
        Girt Angle & Girt WT
        Joist Angle & Joist Plate
        Seat Angle & Seat Plate
        Split T
        Wing Plate
        Stiffener Plate and Holes.

  • Draw faces A, B and C.
  • Add connections after column is detailed.
  • Input floor elevations. Chain and tail dimensions are calculated.
  • Automatically draw edge and plan views of base and cap plate.
  • Cap plate can be sloped.
  • Beam can cantilever column. You input top of beam elevation.
  • Detail top view of column with skewed wing plates.
  • Add bolted or welded splice plates.