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(Requires Base, Plans & Elevations Core Package)

Sample Drawings :    Brace

Icon menus let you select the type and orientation of bracing or gusset plates while slide drawings give easy reference for user input. It makes fast work out of complicated bracing connections: checking gussets for shear, tearout, buckling and clearances. The Gusset program is very flexible, allowing you to design a gusset from a given load, member size or number of bolts. It can also be used to check existing details.

Bracing Detailing Features
  • Calculate number of bolts for shear and tear out or input number to use.
  • Design for brace in compression or tension.
  • Plate automatically checked for bending in compression.
  • Draw gusset plates to scale and actual bevel.
  • Gusset plates can be drawn to scale different from drawing scale.
  • Draw plates with inside and outside corners square or clipped.
  • Clearance checking.

Gusset Detailing Features
  • Draw braces to actual bevel sloping in either direction
  • Draw horizontal and vertical braces.
  • Draw Angles - Single or double, simple or "X"
  • Draw WT - Flange view, simple or "X"
  • Draw Wide flange - Web view or simple. Flange view, simple or "X"
  • Draw Channel - Web view, single or double, simple or "X"
  • Draw Pipe or Tube - Simple or "X"
  • Tail dimension in feet, inches and sixteenth's or decimal inches.
  • Tail every hole or just the left hole at each end.
  • Bracing and all sub pieces automatically shop billed for you.